Freshly prepared food - Excellent Beer's - Family friendly

Customer Testimonials

At the Brindley's Lock, the whole team strive to create the absolute best in customer experience, we aim to provide a calm, relaxing dinning experience, that is both safe and family friendly. We cater for all age ranges, and customer's from all walks of life. We love to hear from our customer's experience, as it show's us where we are excelling and where we need to improve.

Below is a link to both our Facebook page, and our Trip advisor page. We would kindly ask that if you have visited our venue, and feel that we are lacking in any way, or that we have exceeded your expectation's that you are comfortable leaving us a review, or a message via the website. We only ask, that your review, or comment is honest and not influenced by anything other than your individual experience.

As we are a diverse, community, family friendly venue, we do offer weekend entertainment, which starts at 9pm on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, these events begin after our kitchen is closed.